2014 Catalog (Click image below)

Catalogs go in the mail on Friday and videos will be available middle of the following week.

C-Bar Ranch, owned and operated by Steve & Cynthia Maier. After spending his entire life in Western Kansas and building several successful cattle operations for others Steve is putting his experience into his own program, raising Red Angus cattle that work for them. Not chasing a fad but perfecting the model that has worked for him throughout the changing fads of the industry.

Cattle with balance is their objective. Steve hesitates to call his cattle middle of the road because they are far from average yet he doesn't use extreme in his program either. C-Bar strives to have their cow herd right enough in economically relevant traits that they don't need extremes to correct problems. Plainly stated cattle that get the job done. C-Bar Red Angus

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